2001-09-18 02:16:11 (UTC)

I started a joke but the joke is on me

Ok, I guess I should formerly introduce myself... grrr.
My name (of course) is Rico Negro. Its not my real name.
Rico Negro is my "stage name". I play guitar in a band
called Black Cat, and bass in a band called Creature Show.
Im 25 years old, male, six feet one inch tall, I wont go
into how much I weigh (although Im not fat Im not thin
either), Gots me some short blondish hair, and I gots me
some green eyeballs in there. I work as a bouncer/doorman/
bartender at the local venue (www.splashlive.com if you
wanna see whos playin' & when). I hang out with all the
Punks, Sharps, and some of the Goths. I hate the whole rave
scene because most of them around here are assholes. If you
ask me a rave is just big ass tupperware party for beans
and tabs. Oh yea... Fuck drugs! I hate drugs... now who
fucking took my damn valumes!!! Who drank my FUCKIN BEER!!!
Im a borderline alchoholic in that I dont drink all the
time but when I do drink I hate to stop. Drink till you
puke is what I say, or mean to say... mostly comes out like
this: Hhharrugghaamnllllllpt. Ha ha. Anyway, more about me
to come... then more stupid shit.

Things to do today... Procrastinate.
Fuck it... Ill do that tomorrow.