2003-01-30 17:02:33 (UTC)

I have a crush

I think I may be a stalker.

Not really I guess, but I do develop certain fascinations
and almost obsessions with outher girls quite often. It
will usually be only one at a time and I will watch her and
find out all I can about her until the next one comes
along. It just so turns out that the one I am watching
right now happens to have an online journal as well. And
she has pictures on hers. I am going through some
frustration right now because I have not seen her in a
while and she will not update her journal at all. I have
contempleted sending her anonymous messages, screaming at
her to update, but alas, I am too shy.
It is odd though. I am not a shy person at all. But around
her or any of the other girls I like I become like a tongue
tied teenage boy. And I should not be. I am a confident 20-
something year old girl who is actually quite attractive if
I do say so myself (and I do), and I have quite a good
personality as well. So what is my problem?
I am never shy around guys. I feel that women are more
intelligent though. I feel as if she may find out I Like
I was out with my best friend the other night and she hangs
out with the girl I like. My best friend told me in a
drunken stupor tht she always wants to make out with MY
crush. I was dumbfounded.
Stupid me. I need to get with the program.