Sarah's Journal
2001-09-18 01:58:41 (UTC)

long day

So, I slept through anthropology . . . again . . . =( But
today was still TOO long of a day. Oh well. I'm thinking
that this semester isn't going to be too hard, so I might
as well start working for my classes and pull up my GPA
while I can.
So, yesterday I searched "Ferris Bueller" looking for movie
quotes and it pulled up a bunch of sites. one that I went
to was some college kid from Oregon's, and I signed his
guestbook and he wrote me back . . . kinda cool, I never
met anyone from Oregon before.
We had an informational meeting for Shantytown tonight. I
hate it when people are rude and talk during meetings. I
think it's so disrespectful.
I still need to do work . . . grrrrr . . . Nick and I are
going over to Time Out in a few seconds so I gotta go.
I'll write more later.
Oh, by the way, I HATE MY HAIR!!!!