2003-01-30 16:46:40 (UTC)

Finally back on...

In summary, I don't know the last time I wrote. Too bad, I
don't really care. I didn't take the massage therapy
classes that started Jan. 20th. This made me real sad. I
didn't study for finals, I stopped doing homework. You can
even see in my planner. It got less planning in it. Because
I have no hope at the time. Because I lost my ultimate
plan, so I don't know what's next yet. I need another job.
Freestreet is not cutting it for me. I'm gonna go to
Germany with them in October, but I don't know how I will
work in new plans for this to go around.

I really miss the computer, and the internet. I might have
gotten some more hope through writing. (That beautiful
skill I acquired from Teresa.) But I usually choose to go
to Dunkin Donuts for coffee instead of to the computer lab
to check stuff up. Besides I usually write for hours, and
this is only a 25 min. bell schedule. I need a job bad.

So far my plans look bad. If I will succesfuly accomplish
taking a massage course, and becoming a liscenced masseus,
I would have to hold college for a year or so. Or another
idea is in the mix. I go to Columbia first, and still live
at home. Which I really don't wanna do. I think that if I
get a tiny studio apartment, an 8$ an hour job somewhere
there, and a roommate which I already have in mind, I might
be able to pull off columbia with a loan for school. I
think that I might just try to do that.

Cause if I wait a year, how will my recomendations look?
Who will I get them from?

Gosh I gotta go. Bye dudes.