Oh,The Insanity
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2003-01-30 16:38:21 (UTC)

Falling is Like This

I've done it again
this time it's my fault
your little girlfriends follow you
like you're some kind of cult.
I always catch you watching
out of the corner of my eye.
I look at your face
you turn away and sigh.
And when I say please
I really mean why.
And when I say stay
I don't mean goodbye.
I don't see you enough
and you're too far away
I wish I could see you each night
I wish I could hold you each day.
Part of me wants to hope
Part of me wants to dream.
but now I know how falling is
falling in love, it seems
When you have it, it doesn't matter
Then you want it when it's gone.
You can never see the right in me
But, you recognize the wrong.
You say all the wrong words
Words I don't want to hear.
Words I know are true
The truth I hold dear.
Emily M. Crudele