Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-30 15:51:30 (UTC)

another day, not another dollar

I still don't have a job, I am losing friends like there's
no tomorrow and I really just need to get out of here. I
am so sick of everything that is happening around me, and I
am so in need of a new life. Yes, I know moving and
starting over won't slove my problems, but getting away
from stupid people here in my life... will help.

Ugh... grrr..arggg. I need to run, run so far away...
damn, am I stuck in stupid 80's songs?


Oh by the way, Anna called me last night at 12:20 from her
semi-ex's house. And Ritchard talked to her semi-ex and
after Anna tells Ritchard is the only one who knows about
her pregnancy scare, and her semi-ex knew also. TAlk about
lies, lies, lies... I am not going to play these fucking
childhood games... I am so fucking sick of all of this crap.

I am so really to run. Plus I am so pissed off at
everything that I can't even deal with trying to be healthy
and walking. I know I need to get back into my healthiness
life, since I am moving somewhere that I need to be in
better shape than I am, so I can be happy and fit in...

I am so ready to be happy.

I am so desiring to be happy.

I am so sick of it all. Oh on the other crappy life side
of me... I have phone conference with my lawyer on tues,
feb 4. By the way feb 4th is the worse fucking day of my
life. I met Jim on that day and started dating and I got
my second pacemaker on feb 4th and let's any other crap...
well, something will come to me that would cause me to hate
that day.

Blah, blah, blah.

I just so wish something good will come to me, like

Well, better be off,

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