Lil Ems

2001-09-18 01:40:40 (UTC)


ever wonder where those lil traces you see every time u
move come from? me neither.

im tired.

today i went to skool and it sucked as usual. it sucked
more than normal though because i was so fuckin tired from
chillin all weekend at chris's house. hes british. yeah.

my head is bleeding cuz i am a dumbass and cant stop
picking at a scab from 2 months ago when i hit it ona cabby-
net. (cabinet)

heres something unpredictable: my math average is a 5.0
(and i havent cheated!) thats fucked up as hell. in fact,
the whole straight a thing is bothering me. am i doing
something right here? damn it we must fix this.

war sucks.

tomorrow is tuesday and i really wonder if we're gonna bomb
the shit out of afghanistan for not handing over bin laden.
damn bastards. i dont want war to start cuz so much shit
will blow over.

i need sleep. god do i need sleep. i dont know what it
means to be conscious any more.

write me email. i feel lonesome when i have none. anti-
[email protected] or [email protected] i respond but
if u send me junk i'll send u a virus cuz i hate fuckin
junk mail.

alright im gonna go cuz my life down by 5 years or so by
continuing my poor lifestyle. peace out.

associable quote: "and now i hear the police comin after
me" -sublime, scarlet bogonias (send an email if u wanna
know why its associable)