A life of a Teen
2001-09-18 01:34:49 (UTC)

Poem 2 Jeff

Oh my gosh! Jeff surpised me! He came by to see me! He was
suposed to be at work!! Actually he was at work and wasnt
suposed to be here he just wanted to see me, See hes got
two jobs and he has a part time job at a pizza place as a
driver and so he was deliverin pizza's and he just had to
see me so he droped the pizza's off and since he was close
he drove to my house and so he came by knocked on the door
and I go out in panties and a shirt not knowing it was him
my shirt was like a lil shorter above my knees So I went
out there and im like OH MY GOD!!! And he giggles and came
to me and huged me and gave me a kiss and told me he had to
see my "Precious Angel Eyes" heh.. And he said he missed me
and wanted to know if he could take me out Saturday!
Woohoo! And I said yeah and we talked for 10 mins and he
gave me a night hug and kiss and told me he wishes he could
be here to put the sun burn cream on my back and arms and
sholders because he knows im in pain. =) isnt he so sweet!
Hehe.. And had to go and he told me he would miss me =) and
he called me "Baby" And "Honey" hehe... But wow hes so
cute! Augh! I got a poem for him.. here..

A Found Love

Gazing up at the stars.
Praying to find the one of my dreams.
To mend my lonely heart.
An angel without wings.
The one whom which I would never part.
Being brought together with blessed rings.

Then when hope was about to fade.
A gorgous somone walked by.
I finally found my love that day,
A love that which will never die.
A love that I’ll never try to hide.
Although the feeling I have I can’t say.
Using words would just be a lie.
Because you’re the angel that gave my heart aid.

Wanting to be the best I can,
By giving happiness and never hurting you.
But like the laws of the land.
Sometimes every thing can’t be ran.
But I’ll remind you my love is true.
With a gentle loving kiss to your hand.

You’re my found love.
When you say forever, I hope it’s a fact.
Every minute wanting to give you a hug,
In my eyes, wings is the only thing you lack.

To: Jeff Woods

Jeff was a "love at first sight" Hes just so unbeleiveable
hes just so great!!!

Luv ya Jeff,