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2003-01-30 13:32:18 (UTC)

My life with Dan January 30th 2003

It's good that I have found this, because I hate buying
notebooks and leave them lying around. Sometimes people
read things you write and take it wrong. They have to
remember that your not writing for them. It's just a way of
cleaning out your mind, or trying to understand what it is
that you may be trying to figure out.

In the past, my journals have been misread to the point
that the person reading it(without my permission) that I
was crazy. Well random thoughts are crazy! Thats why is
good to sort them out by writing everything out.

My subject right now is on Dan. I met him on July 18th.
2000. It was my first day working at Unified Ind. in
Howell MI. He was my team leader and I was attracted to
him at first sight. I kid you not about the first thing
that went though my mind, and that was this is the man I'm
going to marry. Don't ask me why. I have never admitted
this to him or anyone esle. I think it would scare him.