Renegade Princess

the diary of a renegade princess
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2003-01-30 13:17:03 (UTC)

11:12 on a thursday night....

well this is like the 3rd online diary i have started..
maybe i will actually use this one.
I feel pretty damn bad this evening.
1. erin's hair... hair such a minor triviality in life..
that can be the border line for diasaster.. i feel it is
my fault.
2. i should be doing something more creative that typing
this trash.. or i could be sleeping.. i wish i wasn't so
obsessed with computer solitare.
3. and lastly the boys were in the final for battle of the
bands.. which is only 10 mins down the road..and i
couldn't be bothered going after work. I know i am lazy,
usually i would have jumped at the chance to watch them
play and show my support. but i dunno things changge..

how gay. i am 19 years old and i am not so much
complaining but writing my grievences,, online.. meanwhile
there is a war beginning, and yeh. this is gay.

hmm maybe tomorrows entry will be a little better.

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