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My Chaotic Life
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2001-09-18 01:10:10 (UTC)


Hi again. Anyway just sitting here listing to Nirvana,
Soundgarden, some japanese music, and others. Thats not
really important right now. Anyway I had a pretty good
weekend to make up for Friday's incidents. On Saturday I
invited my friend Britteny (really cool, had anorexia,
funny, she's Blossom from the PowerPuffGirls! lol) to go
bikeriding. Well she couldn't so my family and I go to
Lancaster for the day. It was pretty cool. I got a really
pretty horse figure...like its made out of something...its
not cheap plastic crap. I also got some sugar free candy.
YAY! And I know I got something else but I can't
remember. Well anyway Sunday I actually go to church first
time in about 7 years. Funny huh? I see some people I
know it was really cool. In fact me and Kelly(crazy bossy
girl, really nice, really into horses) started talking
again. So thats really cool. Then after that I went
bikeriding with my Dad while Mom was at work but before
that we go to Bob Evans to eat breakfast and right before
we get seated I see Dave(aquaintance from school, really
nice, is into the powerpuff girls, funny, skateboards) My
Mom was saying that she thought he was really cute and I
was like whatever...he is my aquaintance/friend thingy.
Well my mom started going on about how he was looking at me
or something BUT enough about that. My bikeride was fun.
I saw three horses while I was riding so that was cool. I
really wish I could go back horseback riding but I don't
see how I can. First of all there are no places really
around where I live and second I'm allergic to the hay.
yuck. Well anyway...we get back home around five and pick
up my mom. Then it was today...school. Easy Peasy.lol.
First it was Orchestra. fun fun. Then Biology. My
Biology teacher is awesome! Then I had world History..my
world history teacher is awesome too! Yeah...my friend Jim
was talking about how he was going to see a movie tonight
since we don't have school tomorrow and he was saying how
Jeepers Creepers looks really awesome and I said it looks
really Retarded! He gives me that funny nasty look and
says F*** you! I said no thank you...and he said I would
enjoy it from him too much....I'm
like....uh...........oooook? No thank you Jim. You are a
friend. Anyway we were getting on each others nerves until
Tiffany came over and we started talking. Then it was
English..lunch period. Well I hand in my little assignment
thingy and my teacher (she is also very awesome) read it
and complimented me on how well I write. Kinda funny
because a little bit earlier my Dad said that I should go
into journalism because my writing is really good. Well
then everyone had to write this other assignement on a
story I already read and I already did the assignment the
week before so I handed it in to her and she said in front
of the class that she knew this was going to be good
because my other paper was really well. Well the entire
class turns to look at me and I'm like crap...just turn all
the attention to me..thank you ssoooooooo much. Then it
was math and then I got to come home. Also I just found
out from one of my friends. There is this guy....I only
said hi to him once ONCE and he has this BIG crush on my.
uh.........I only know his name...Joey. And Right now I
don't think I want to go out with anyone. hehe...Well I
don't know right now...but I want to get to know this guy
frist....hopefully my craziness and hyperness and my uh
wierdness will scare him off....thats mean but hey. Oh
well..I'm sure he is a nice guy and blah blah blah but I
want to go so I'll see you all later!

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