The Squizz
2003-01-30 11:26:59 (UTC)


Wow, the world extends so far greater than i had imagined
I found that there are important people in life, and
those who really care. Dag and I went to the laundrymat to
do her laundry late tonight, or rather last night, and
perchance our RA was there doing his laundry as well. His
name is Charles, and he's probably the best RA I can
imagine having. To say the least it was a real day
brightener just to be able to chill with him as well as
with Daggy. Suddenly i felt that there was completion of
things, that maybe where I am isn't the worst place in the
world. That maybe, just maybe, there is a greater reason
for my being here than I had previously given thought to.
I can say that while I've been here I've been forced to
reexamine myself time and time again, the only difference
is that I'm now learning not only to see what I do not
like, but to change what I can.
Charles is like one of those temporary constants, that
graces part of life, something you never expect but can
always count on. I wonder how many people like that exist.

После того, как прощенный -
смертельных грехов, -
спиртной напиток жизни -
от смерти защищает; -
тихий свидетель -
поддерживающий -
становится ярмаркой спасителя -
к простой лжи

- не это забавный, как мы стали ослепленными к тому, что
является действительно важным в жизни, которую мы забываем,
что мы принимаем, будет всегда там.-
-Isn't it funny how we become blinded to what is really
important in life, that we forget what we assume will
always be there.-