Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-18 01:04:02 (UTC)

I am so dead!

Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here ! I went to Nate's ( my awesome friend
from Catholic Central )soccer game ! I saw Mick , Laurence,
Bailey , Nate! I was so glad to see them and meet Bailey !
I haven't seen Mick Laurence or Nate for like 2 months ! It
was so cool to see them ! They are such a cool group !
I am also thinking at the moment that I am NOT going to go
to my homecoming ! Is that crazy ??? Should I go ?! I don't
know who I would go with ! There is not really anyone I
would go with ! Adam would be the first guy on my list but
I know he can't get up here to go ! :( ! So what should I
do ?! Please write me and help me decied ( shit i can't
spell tonight ! )! I mean should I go with someone I don't
even like or go with someone as friends or just go alone or
not go at all and spend the night with a girl friend( not
queerly but dearly ) renting movies and staying up all
night ?! help me make up my mind ! I need advice!!!!!! Ok
well I am like dead tired ! Adam I guess I missed you
getting on ! :( !!!! * Tear * write in your journal babe
and e-mail me! I will write you in the morning !!! love ya
adam ! Please people again write and tell me what you think
about my problem !
Love you always!