aussie girl

a blonds guide to uncommon sense
2001-09-18 00:55:40 (UTC)

i sold my soul for a cigarette

just ignore the title. i didn't really.
i don't even smoke. it's just a line from a song that's
stuck in my head. its called 'khe sanh'.
i hate days like today. it's so nice today, so sunny and
perfect and i'm stuck at school.
damn it.
there is only 3 more days of school until the holidays, so
i'm happy. only that i have to work all the holidays, but i
guess thats ok as well. i need the money to support my
latest obsessions. and there's a lot of them.
its amazing. every day i feel the need to vent, but today
nothing seems to bother me.
maybe i am haveing a good day.
i will go now and ponder this with kylie-anne.