Place To Vent
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2003-01-30 07:45:06 (UTC)

1/29 You Suck and I Hate You Now

Just one more final! Yes! Well, looks like English won't be
to bad. I'll do okay on it.

Tonight me and Uyen were drivin around just goin by
people's houses...Jeremy's house was one of our stops. That
was actually kind of - interesting. Uyen knows what's goin
on in my pretty little head...I shouldn't really write it

Anyway, this night kinda sucked. I realized things and now
I'm a little bummed out but it'll be okay. Everything
happens for a reason and not everything has to be taken so

On a lighter note, I bought a prom magazine which was very
fun to look at...and even more fun to take quizzes. Hehe.
I'm bein a little ridiculous, I guess, but with the bad
luck I always have, I should be worried.


I'm so frustrated right now...oh my goodness gracious. You
know what, whatever. Screw that!!! I'm wasting my time by
actin all nice when really all it's getting me is a lameass
friendship. Whatever whatever whatever!!!!!! I'm just
thinking DUH - you're stupid for actin all needy and
wanting attention. It's ridiculous...I wanna beat the crap
outta someone right now.


On the other hand, I'm really big on crying just to let out
all the stress so I guess I'll go do that. G'Nite y'all.

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