"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-18 00:35:04 (UTC)

My Day

Well today was pretty good but After second my headache
came back. It killed me though the rest of the day and even
at practice. I am a man so I can handle it. (LOL) Well
Tiffani and Matt said SOMETHING about me to day I begged
him to tell me during practice. But its not happening I
dont think. Unless Tiffani or Matt tell me tomorrow. Which
i dont know about that. They said it is good and I hope
hope so. All these people saying they like me and them
being ugly. Thats to much bad news for me. Not saying she
likes me that way but who knows just her. I know I didnt
talk to her that much today like i usually do but my head
hurt but tomorrow hopefully I am back in action. Today
ended out being pretty good after I got my headache I
thought it would be bad. But with all my good friends how
could it be.
At practice I decked a couple of people you heard
the sound it made when I did it to. IT was like POW so that
was the fun part of practice. Coach doesnt usually let
Quarterbacks hit but today he did and I knocked somepeople
around. Well I out#3

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