2001-09-18 00:23:43 (UTC)

hm my bestfriends mother is..

my bestfriends mother is pregnant.
and she hid it.
thats interesting.
i have a huge test tomorrow that i so need to be studying
im going to in a bit.
im really tired.
so tired.
everything seems to be happening so quickly.
and slowly.
all at the same time.
i have a bright yellow bandaid.
its great.
been to dennys twice today.
i think christinas boyfriend is a little upset.
its funny.
all her boyfriends seem to do that...
they look at me as a threat.
i dont understand.
yeah im her bestfriend.
and yeah she calls ME instead of them when shes really
but what exactly do they expect.
i know her better than any of them ever will.
shes my girl man.
shes fucking amazing.
and if anything i should be considered a good thing.
you know.
she told me tonight that i was her boyfriend.
and i was like, well hun.
im the emotional boyfriend.
they have the penis. the physical.
i love her so much.
no matter how long we go without talking
its always the same.
and we always seem to be going through the same shit
at the same time.
you know.
shes the only straight girl "bestfriend"
that ive ever had and not fucked.
i give her credit for that.
and i think its beautiful.
shes beautiful.
and i love her.
its amazing how much i dont want her sometimes.
and i dont understand why.
shes so much like me its crazy.
and i dont want her at all.
like, at ALL.
funny shit.
shes my baby though.
and ill kick anyones ass for her.
i talked to him on the phone
and he was like "i didnt think i was making her
happy...thats why i didnt come. just, make her happy."
thats sweet.
and at the same time annoying.
he should have been there too.
she wanted him there.
therefore he should have been there.
i guess he doesnt understand.
none of them have.
i thought he would be different.
he even asked her once if i wanted her.
silly boys.
silly penis.
hehe- my FAVORITE one so far
the one before last
"youre fucking fucking that chick with the mustang!!"
whatever boys.

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