CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-18 00:08:03 (UTC)

I loVe LiFe!!

I'm sooo happy with Mark right now!! Krista told Nathans
brother Aaron that I was going out with him now! He said
something mean about him but who really cares what Aaron
thinks right?!?! So anyways this morning when I saw Mark I
went up behind him and grabed his side and he turned around and
he looked all confused then hes like whats up? I think Friday were
supposed 2 be going 2 the movies...last night he goes do u know that
Ashley girl that Sara hangs out with. and I said yes but like I
really dont like her and he goes what do u not like her? and I said
No and he asked why? I just told him because shes annoying which she
is!! So hes like oh well Sara wanted me u her Bill and Ashley 2 go 2
the movies Fri. and I go well I'm not going if shes going! But then I
felt like such a bitch. So I go well if u wanna go its fine. We can
go. Hes like no well just go see another movie or something...Isnt he
sweet! Then today @ lunch I was sitting with him and all his friends
and I was like the only girl at the table but oh well. So we were all
sittin there and he goes do u wanna pop or anything and I was like no
thats ok uve spent enough money on me....and then everyone else
starts going I do get me one and hes like no. Awe huh?! hehe...Well
anyways I dunno if I wanna go 2 Homecoming or not but I guess I'll
talk 2 Mark about it tonight when he calls me! But I guess since
there is not much else 2 talk about I'm gunna go Peace....