Under the starless L.A. sky
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2003-01-30 05:23:45 (UTC)

The Truth About Mister Fingers

01 The Waterfall

"Jerrimiea." Streetlight flashed off of the
speakers eyes, dark eyes, woman’s eyes, as she leaned
closer to him.
"Tell me sweetly…" she paused for a moment and let her
words hang in the late night air for several dead moments.
"Sweetly, of the glory of death."
Jerrimiea lay their on the asphalt starring straight at the
Glory that she spoke about. It was just behind her raven
black hair and past the sodium halide reflecting clouds,
moving across eternity with a grace he had never imagined.
But there were no words of joy or relief that he could
speak about that relief that was in his vision. Nothing at
all to express what he saw. But he wasn’t focusing on words
to say. He was focused on the vision and staying alive till
it overcame him.

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