Electric monkey
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2001-09-17 23:40:19 (UTC)

9-17-01 [ do you remember when we used to sing sha la la la la la la la la la la te da]

today was nice. ive got some physics that ive been putting
off for 2 weeks... i should do that sometime actually. its
due this friday.
in engligh we had a sub guy that was pretty cool, but he
got mad at me bout turning my paper in late, so thats not
cool. of i were a sub id let ppl turn their stuff in
whenever they wanted, and not get all shitty about it. but
oh well, thats just me.
In SRT today jessica and i went to Yearbook to work on our
spread. and its really awesome and our editor likes it!
both of them actually! so thats awesome and great and all
yeah, so now im talking to graham on the phone and i cant
think of anything to say. =|
well ill come back later and finish when im not having a
seperate conversation.