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2001-09-17 23:31:40 (UTC)

A Break

I took a break for a few days in order to try to pull myself
and my life back together again. I live in a rural area
3,000 miles away from where we were attacked. I don't
personally know anyone who was killed, hurt or is missing.
Even so, this has impacted me emotionally more than I'd

I stopped watching the continuous news coverage because it
was just too much and I was getting behind in doing what I
needed to do for myself and my family. Yesterday I put a
classical music station on the radio and listened to Mozart
all afternoon. I baked pies and roasted a chicken. I
worked on a quilt. I read a book. I called my parents.
Today I ran errands and watered my garden.

Life goes on but America has changed and it's changed
forever. So have its people.

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