A day in the life....
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2003-01-30 04:52:25 (UTC)

back home again

Let the madness of classes consume me...
I'm back from Chicago..of course.
Had a wonderful time with Brian and his family. His brother
was particularly entertaining on the car trips there and
While in town we went up the John Hancock building and saw
the sights, then we went and walked around the Magnificent
Mile for a while, then we ate pizza at a Scary place called
Gino's and then we went back to his apartment. We ended up
watching Blues Brothers and Brian, his mom, and his dad
fell asleep for part of it, if not most of it. Then i made
spaghetti for dinner...not bad. We cleaned up and then
Brian and i went Ice Skating at Navy Pier. Then we walked
around it and just enjoyed each other's company. Then back
to his apartment, watch tv, watch The Wedding Singer and
then i went to get a shower and he headed to bed. The next
day was just church and lunch, then drive home.
He didn't want to let me go, and i didn't want to leave.
Had to stunk.
Anyways...classes are busy and i'm lost in thought so i
should go for now. God bless!