Quiet Goth Chick

Hiding In The Shadows
2001-09-17 23:26:54 (UTC)

"Pardon me while i burst into flames" -Incubus

This is my new online journal. I had 2 others but people
found them and it wasn't something I was comfortable
writing in. I don't want people reading what I write cuz I
wanna vent.
Today I had school. Fun fun. I have the nexy 2 days off
which is good. And Ian is comming over tomorrow. Which is
also cool. Ian is my boyfreind. I really like him. Its like
he keeps me hanging on everything. He is so in bewteen. He
doesn't call every 5 minutes, when he does call he isn't
like "oh I Love You, i want to be with you all the time".
No! None of that mushy stuff. He calls just enough though.
Like when he does call, its not predictable, and I've never
had that kind of relationship with someone. All my other
ones have been one sided. If I said "jump" they would
say "how high" or something like that. I had all of them
whipped. But its not like that with Ian.

And then i talked to Caroline today after school and she
was telling me about how she was with Joe friday night. She
is so fucken pickey. She doesn't want to go out with him
but he spoils her. He is georgous but its not good enough
for her. She is the deffnition of shallow. And I don't like
it. She asked me if I had talked to Ian today and I said
that I hadn't, even though he was on the other line.

I don't know why I didn't want to tell her, I think it's
because I tell people too much. Maybe I trust too much.
There are somethings that you keep between you and your
boyfriend/girlfriend, but I tell Caroline thoes things. Its
not like she is my best freind or anyhting, because I don't
think I have one.

Well anyway, back to the subjest of Caroline talking about
Ian. I didn't tell her that I had talked to him today, and
she was under the impression that i havn't for a few days.
She asked me if I was going to break up with him. And it
caught me offguard. I didn't show any signs that I was mad
at him or anythng, or that i was the slightest bit unhappy.
But she asked me, and when I asked her why, she told me it
was because he is a few years older. She thinks that it is
good that he has other freinds besides me, and i have the
same, and that he spends more time with them then me, which
I am ok with. Then she wants me to break up with him
because he pissed her fof when we were all at the movies a
few weeks ago. I honestly don't think that i should break
up with him, and I really don't care what she thinks. Im
not mad at her, but im deffnitly not happy with her either.
I think im hurt that she is so verbal about what she thinks
of him. Well, I don't plan to tell her anyhting about him
or anyone for that matter.

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