lillian jeanne
2003-01-30 04:05:22 (UTC)


alright LJ, why is it that i got stuck with such psycho
roommates!?!?! i gotta be honest with you - i dont think i
deserve this! first there was MJ, oh yes good old MJ...
Beverly Brown - michael jackson freak of nature! i never
met a girl so... WEIRD! she loves michael jackson - hence
MJ. she only owns his cds and not just one of each - oh
no, 5 of each- yes 5! when we moved in, she had a
boyfriend (24years old, she being 17 when thye first got
together) that used to be a michael jackson
impersonator...she had met only 2 times, fucked him in
every way imaginable only to find out he was married with
2 kids...anyway, if you want more info on that you'll have
to ask me in person cause boy is it a story to hear! so
anyway, she made my first semester a living hell, and
naturally being in a triple room, i became good friend
with samantha, who was previously mentioned in an earlier
entry. sam hated MJ... with a passion! grant it, i wasnt
fond of her but sam, coming from a well off family with
everything (mommy buy me this) just wouldnt tolerate her.
so now MJ is gone - we finally told her she had to leave
or we were going to and things fell into place.
so 2nd semester, bailey moves in. love her to death
though i can never quite tell if she secretly hates me or
not, cant tell if the sweetness is a show that she puts on
for everyone and she really doesnt like me or if its
really the way she is... she's cute as a button and
hooking up presently with JUSTIN from AMERICAN IDOL! funny
shit let me tell you - so anyway, love her to death, she
actually got me to go to my first FIJI party... so now
we're all looking at pledging different sororities... of
course its all interseting but im not your typical
sorority i doubt ill be pledging anyway, i only
went to scope it out... but sam really wants to pledge and
shes just driving me crazy! she crys and mopes and then we
ask her whats wrong and she looks at us like we're
invisible.. me and christine that is...i dont know hwat to
make of it... i like this, i can vent and no one cares!!!
its wonderful! i should be reading religion and im not...
oh well...i wish things would go back tot he way they
were... i wish i didnt have to grow up... ralph said that
hte pills will make me lose 50lbs by may... i really hope
they dont fuck me up, im scared but its worth it right?
right... better than saying i wont eat then doing so then getting
mad... whatever...shh dont tell ;)