Visions Of Life
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2001-09-17 23:02:38 (UTC)


Demon eyes
Watching Hell rise up above
Out of smoke, fire
Hatred, so rich and full
Fingering through wounded souls
Killing all the goodness inside
Demon eyes
Was this your plan?
Warriors led by anger
Empty hearts behind saddened eyes
Millions of shortened cries
Children who didn't need to die
And I watch the world from human form
Death and suffering has become the norm

Many lives, many hearts
Lost in a fire
We grieve as a whole
Hoping, praying
Struggling to love one another

Each day
Remains a struggle
Tears with every stride
Grasping our flag as a crutch
Together we won't lose our pride
Through love we have already won

I watch the world through human form
When did death and suffering become the norm?
Angry nation directing the light
Killing a country that can't even fight
Out of the flames, a demon was born
So focused on killing it won't even mourn
Tears and Blood. Rain and Fire.
Innocent Americans thrust on the pyre
The outcome of this, I won't even tell
But in the end, you'll all wind up in hell

(note: the people going to hell that I am referring to are
NOT the Afghans... Though I do believe the SMALL group
involved will also go to hell)