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2001-09-17 22:59:12 (UTC)

A New Year???

Okay, I was figuring that this would be a different time, a
different year, but I'm falling into the same kinds of
patterns, and that sucks.

Today Nichelle and I went to the Student Involvement Fair.
Before we left my dorm to go, she was asking me about
Brad. She checked out his picture in the mix of our RA
pictures in the lobby. She pointed out that he's the kind
of cute that grows on you...not the "he's cute at first
sight" kind of deal. That's jacked up, but true. He was
in my RA class spring quarter, and I knew he existed, but
he didn't stand out at all. He didn't even stand out when
we both ended up as RAs in the same residence hall, or when
we where first paired up as cos on paper at the end of last
school year. I think it's b/c we've been around each
other. Unfortunately, it reminds me of Pacey, b/c it was
sort of the same deal, but it took less time with Pacey
than with Brad. I had met Pacey through Claudia a month or
so into my freshman year, b/c we were doing a play for a
class she and Jenna were taking, and I didn't think he was
cute then, it took about a month or so to get that
feeling...which is crappy in retrospect. With Brad, we get
along well as cos and I think he can definitely be a
potential bud...but why kill a good thing? I guess the
thing is, I hardly ever have the whole "like at first
sight" kind of deal. The guys I tend to be into are guys
that grow on me...ewww, that sounds like fungus, but oh

After the fair, I went over to try and find Jenna's new
apartment, but I forgot the apartment number, so I think I
might have scared some Asian girl whose window I was
peeking into :o On the way back, I ran into Pacey, who was
just arriving from Cinci, so my dumb butt helped him unload
and bring his stuff into his apartment. I should have kept
on walkin', like Brad told me later...but noooo, I had to
be all nice and help out Broke Pacey. But hey, can't do
much about that now...

Meanwhile, at the fair, Brad and his frat brothers got
kicked out by OSU police for trying to recruit without
registering a table. I guess some dork in their frat was
late getting them a table at the fair, so they didn't get
one. They then decided to come and try to recruit anyway,
and they learned the hard way that it's a baaad strategy.
It sucks to be them...

Now I'm chillin', washing clothes, stuff like that...I'm
bored out of my head. Earlier I was trying to fix a TV and
later a VCR for my residents, but it didn't fly, so each
time I had to ask Brad, and every time he was able to fix
it. I felt like such a girl...okay, I know I'm a girl, but
I felt like one of those helpless ones that needs a man to
fix stuff and teach them stuff...and it doesn't help that
he's teaching me how to drive stick. I'm feeling more like
a girl every day...he basically took over our floor meeting
last night, and today after he fixed the residents' TV and
VCR, he just had to mention to me later that he built his
parents' computer. I'm sure that he doesn't mean to be all
boastful and show me up, but man, sometimes he makes me
feel like freakin' Barbie...I want to be respected by my
residents, but I don't want to strain stuff w/Brad either.
Maybe I'm just a little tired and I shouldn't worry about
it...we'll see what happens.

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