The Daily Babble
2001-09-17 22:55:26 (UTC)

A Tragedy

I was looking at my old diary entries and I can't believe
the last one I wrote just just a day before the "Attack on
America"..its unbelievable how so much can happen in just a
few short hours....

That day I was driving to school listening to Howard
Stern. He was talking about making out with Pamela
Anderson and then said something about the breaking news.
Initially I didn't believe it but then I went to the other
stations and heard the same thing. But it truly didn't hit
me until I parked at the deck and school and looked out
towards NY...I could see the buildings burning...I could
see the smoke and the fire and I felt sick to my stomach.
I couldn't understand how they would hold classes but I
started to head over to the first one anyway...

But on my way, I emailed my two cousins that live and work
in Manhattan cuz of course I was worried....I must have
left my class at least 3 times to check my email...They
wrote me back to tell me they were ok [thank god] and Jeff
kept writing me emails to update me on what's going on.
Thank God his brother and father were fine also....Anyway
after that class let out I went back to the computer lab
because my uncle was emailing me worried also. Finally we
found out that NJIT was closed and I headed home. I was
going to go to Jeff's work because I really wanted to see
him, but he said I should just go home. It took me a half
hour just to get out of the deck! But I finally got home.

Since then we watched the news non-stop!!! It was just so
unbelieveable. People were calling and we were making
calls to make sure loved ones were ok.

Wednesday, school was in session but I had work..I found
out that Nimra was very upset because her friend's sister
had died in the tragedy, so we tried to console her. Even
at work, we left the TV on to watch the news. I left work
around 5:30 to meet up with Jeff at Interet and we just
walked around his area, went shopping and hung out in his
car til it was time to go. It was so great seeing him...I
mean I knew he was safe but to finally hold him was another

Thursday I had class, so it was just a normal day and
Friday I went to work and came home like
usual...Unfortunately Friday nite, Jeff and I got into a
fight over something so trivial but it still got us fighting...We
were up til like 2 trying to make things better between each other
and it wasn't working. So eventually we decided to call it a night
and just go to sleep.

On Saturday, we talked in the morning and things seemed pretty
normal, but at the same time, we were trying too hard to make it
normal....Throughout the day we left messages to each other and I
told him that I'd try to get out either Saturday or Sunday cuz he
just wanted to make up...I couldn't go out Saturday...I don't
remember why. Oh yeah, I went shopping for Cathlin's graduation
present. I know its late but originally I was supposed to
collaborate with Jill and come up with a really nice present but
since Jill's disappeared I had to do something on my own. I really
like what I got and how it turned out so I hope she likes it too.
I'll probably give it to her this weekend. I don't wanna say what it
is in case she reads this. =-)

So anyway, on Sunday I decided to go to Jeff's after lunch. My dad
was all retarded for a while about why I had to go to go out and
everything but he settled down....So I drove down to Jeff's. I was
driving down just fine and then I hit massive traffic like 15 miles
away from him so I was so annoyed and he was worried cuz he couldn't
get through to my cell. But I finally got to his house and we spent
like 2 hours together before I had to drive back home. He gave me
the Dido CD that he bought for me. =-)

But after I got home, things just went downhill...I helped my mom
with dinner and she told me to go set the I said I would
after I went to the I started walking towards the
bathroom and the next thing I know, I'm on the floor in the living
room! Apparently I blacked out, hit my head on the window, and the
blinds slashed my face! I didn't even know what happened or how I
got there. I remember coming to and asking my dad what happened and
how did I get there. I knew it was serious when my dad actually
lifted my head up and put it on his lap. He never does that! But a
few minutes later, after the shock, I was fine! I don't know what
happened and I feel so bad because my mom started crying because she
was so worried! But now I have a huge gash under my lip and I bit
the inside of my mouth so my lower lip is all swollen and beaten up
on the inside.

Monday I couldn't go to any of my classes, I just slept in as much as
I could and then headed over to school but I wussed out and just went
to the computer lab....I talked to Jeff from there on and off and he
had agreed the previous nite to come up and see me, so later that
evening he came up which was really nice. We went to Applebees for
soup which was really good and then came back and went to the roof of
the parking deck to see the skyline. It was really nice and I'm so
glad he came up.

Anywayz that's all for now...hopefully I'll be all healed up soon cuz
I hate this!
Take care all and God Bless