Just a 23 years old gay boy
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2003-01-30 03:42:38 (UTC)

Let this start fo real

Welcome to my journal !

Actually, I try to write my online journal many times but I
can't find any online website that matches my requiremen
until I found this website. Unfortunately, I had added one
journal here already but I forgot my e-mail to log on so I
have to register the new one. My old journal name is " 23
Gay Boy Journal". Well, let's skip the old one !

First and foremost, I like to introduce myself to everyone
who have read my journal. My name is Kenneth, but you can
call me Ken. I reside in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 180 cm, 72
kg. I got really short black hair, black eyes and Athletic
body. My face looks younger than I am. Everybody always say
that I have a babyface. Am I appreciate that? HaHaHa. Nope,
I am not. Why ?? cuz I don't look like a mature. When I go
to any club here, they always check my ID card. DAMN !! I
hate that but it's ok I am not a type of guy who stick with
any club scenes.

About my personality, I am a monogamous, honest, polite
type of guy. I enjoy reading especially marketing books,
workout magazine and philosophy, sports, movies, music. I
am into Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B. I always spend most of my
freetime such as weekends at fitness center for weight
lifting, swimming, cycling, and games of squash. Yes, I'm
kinda sport man. I love all kind of sports. Basketball,
baseball and cricket are my favorite. I do boxing on every
Sunday, it's not a serious boxing , just trainning.

About my life, it's ok for now. I work with a big property
firm in Bangkok as a marketing officer. I live with my
family. I love my family so much. My family don't know that
I am gay. I am afraid to open my sexuality to them. I know
my brother will not accept my sexuality and my parent will
be upset in what I am so I keep it for a secret but you
know sometime, I feel very uncomfortable to not be myself.
Anyway, I don't want to hurt anybody in my family so let
keep it.

My love is the biggest reason to make me out from the way I
am. That means I started to write my thoughts down on the
papers. It's very great for expressing my feeling.
Actually, the online journal is not new for me. I started a
online journal for a while but I kept it private. I just
don't want anybody to know who I am and what I was doing
but today I visited here and read other people's journals.
Wow, it seems very great to share your thought or your life
with others so I decided to reveal my life and my feeling
here. I hope that you will know me better from what you
have read and please don't forget to let me know about your
thoughts too.

Ok, I gotta leave my introduction here, contact me if you

[email protected]

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