~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-01-30 03:39:40 (UTC)

I'm Sorry I Can't Be Perfect

January 29

What happened to me today, oh yes, my father thought
that he was having a heart attack. Luckly, he was not, he
only pulled a muscle in his chest. I was freaking out, I
got woken up at 7 to take him to the hospital. It was not
a very good start to my day but it got better (YAY!).

I drove all the way to Penn Argyl to get Josh. Then
I drove all the way to my house to get my money and then
back to Penn Argyl to Josh's friends house. Then I came
home. It was a whole lot of driving but it was worth it.
Josh is great (*grin*). My mom got to meet Josh and she
now loves him because he offered to take out the garbage
that I refused to take out. How perfect is he?

So while I'm at Josh's friends house I found out a
whole lot of stuff that I didn't know about him. I don't
know why, but after I found out I just liked him so much
more which doesn't make sense consitering the nature of
what I found out. Some of it wasn't bad but there where
some bad could be consitered lies types of information. I
think that I need some time to process all the stuff that
he told me. It was a whole lot of suprises in one