Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-30 03:35:48 (UTC)

explaining the last post

yesterday, Anna blew me off, she basically used me to piss
off her semi-ex who she wants to get away from. Then the
two of them show up where she inivited me to meet her.
Then she tells me she needs time away from everyone, yeah
sure, I'm fine with that, sort of... but than today she
spent time w/ her semi-ex and then told Ritchard that she
might be Pregnant, since two or three months ago she was
being stupid, but she still doesn't know. UGH... but then
she tries to invite me to go on a road trip w/ her this
weekend. sorry, I have to go see my parents...

Then she calls me looking for Ritchard's phone number says
she'll call me back soon, and that was at 7:40ish, and now
it's 9:30 and no call, well, fuck her.

Plus, everyone I know is being very needing and demanding
my time... and I all want to do is go get fucked up on lots
of good "adult" beverages....

Well, off to chat w/ a friend....


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