FallnAngel's Journal
2003-01-30 03:28:38 (UTC)


Today i have once again been peirced! And i think it looks
sooo cute..Thanks alot Paula for taking me to Hot
Rods...They were really cool guys and did a great job. Not
much else happened today...except carly peer pressured me
into skipping intergration and going to kings with her and
jamie for lunch...but thats ok...its just one class...and
its not like i do anything in there anyway. i made myself a
cd today...its so weird. stuff that should not be put
together on the same cd is def on there. it goes from aaron
lewis to b2k and tim mcgraw to ja rule and nelly!! haha but
i love it and i am so excited about it! well i am tired and
i need some sleep...goodnight all!