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2001-09-17 22:29:18 (UTC)

tomorrow tomorrow

hmm i suppose i should tell a lil about myself, huh? the
name's sara and im almost 16. my main interest is music. i
love it! mainly punk (the living end, mxpx, less than jake,
goldfinger, a new found glory, green day), but also 80's
(bon jovi, billy idol, the clash, the bangles, belinda
carlisle) and some other stuff (bush, weezer, the juliana
theory, and a hell of a lot more). i dont like to think of
myself as the normal teenager. i mean, sure i think alot of
the same things, but i like to be different. but really, i
jus wanna have fun. i dont really care people think about
me. i dont have a boyfriend, but i go out on dates and
stuff. personally i think, if you do it right, being single
can be as much fun as havin a bf. im in the 10th grade and
i guess i like it. im not a big fan of work. aight so im
lazy. but not when im motivated. lol. when i graduate, im
gonna go to college, but my goal is to be a punk singer.
and im gonna do it. i know it sounds corny, but i think
that if you try hard enuf and want something enuf, you can
do anything. and thats what im gonna do. but in college ill
prob major in either genetics or political sciences. jus in
case my stardom doesnt work out. im a pretty busy girly, im
involved in the school plays (we have 4 a year, one big
one), show choir, and regular choir. plus every friday i go
to the mall or the movies with my friends, every other
weekend i go to my dads (my parents are divorced), and the
other weekends im home i go to church and do all kinds of
fun stuff. but i stay at school till 6 everynite, so that
takes up a lotta time. i have a puppy named misty and 3
ducks (lol, alan, scooby doo, and spot). i live by two
lakes and its sooo pretty. we live on the hill and overlook
them. we're not really out in the middle of nowhere tho.
hmm i guess now ive said too much. i jus think its
important if you're reading someone's diary to know about
them. things make more sense that way. well i guess thats
all for today...tomorrow im goin to bret's house...oh yeh.
well later.