Illegal u-turn
2001-09-17 22:26:13 (UTC)

Falling from the sky

"She wore green lipstick. I guess she thought red meant

I get angry at Lee sometimes. He chose to leave me. He
chose to leave. He never wanted to be here.

That is my irrational self. My rational self realizes that
he needs to go to college and he is trying his best to be
near me as much as possible.

We are together every weekend. And we talk for hours every
day. We e-mail and write letters. I know he loves me but -
I miss him. I wish he was here.

I feel as though he isn't a part of my life. He isn't
there when I wake up, he isn't there when I eat, he isn't
tehere when I go to school, he sin't there when I feel
lonely, he isn't there when I am sad, or hurting or I need
someone to talk to. He just isn't there.

I just get so angry sometimes. Mainly angry at myself for
being so selfish.

If we can make it through this we can make it through