Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-17 22:23:00 (UTC)


Well...I'm bored. But happy bored. I'm happy cuz I
finished my history report just as I finished the last song
of my CD...getting to listen to the whole thing! Yay!
Next I'm going to do homework and then probably do a facial
and do my nails. I think I'll do something that will match
my sweater cuz I'm gonna wear it tomorrow. Don't I sound
sooooooooooo superficial?! Yuck! Oh well. I guess I can
be, but I'm not that bad. Jamie's back safe and sound!
Yay! I was kind of worried because of the whole thing that
happened in NYC but she's okay. Hmm...maybe I can get her
to go to the flag pole thing Wednesday morning with me.
She could spend tomorrow night with me and we could go
there in the morning! I'd really like to go to the prayer
thing, but I want someone to go with me because it's
probably going to be all upperclassmen. I don't want to
feel that little! I feel like writing another long entry
for some reason. Probably because I'm in a good mood. But
now Rhen's talking and I'm thinking about what he's saying
and what I said about having no luck with guys...hmm...
that's kind of a downer. Oh well. It's just not something
I'm supposed to find happiness in at this point. And
that's okay, I can live with it. It's just hard sometimes
seeing people like Erica and Mike together and feeling
really lonely. Grr!!!! What am I doing? I'm supposed to
be happy! Computers can really bring a person down!
But I digress (or digest/disagree if you talk to
Matt for sure doesn't like Jordan but she still kind of
thinks he might. I dunno. I asked him and he said he
would't lie to me, but people say that sometimes and
then...yeah. Anyway...
I hope I sleep well tonight! I could really use it: I
slept on the bus on the way to school and nearly did in
math. Oh well! I'm awake now. I love caffeine. It's so
helpful. I don't know what else to write! My tuna thingy
at lunch was kinda strange...it had onions in it I think
but I got some gum so it's okay now.
That's about all I have to say for now. Nothing to write
about. Not so happy now. Computer sucked everything out
of me. *SIGH* Oh well.