Nick's Journal
2003-01-30 02:19:58 (UTC)

The guys next to me

In one of my classes i had the most interesting neighbors
to my right and left. to my left (up against the wall)
was this fat ass that musta been about 1,000 lbs of pure
stupidity, and to my right was a frat guy (and his buddy
to the right of him). now this is during intermediate
finance which is just incredibly boring and easy. i mean
it is seriously a joke. i mean i don't even know hwo to
describe it to you. i it's sorta like taking an intro
class, and then taking a second class that does the exact
same shit. the real joke is that the people in my class
are clueless. specificially i'm talking about the chimp
to my right. the whole class long he was bitching to his
friend about how dumb the teacher was (and she is), and he
always scoffede at everything she said.
whenever we had a problem to do (and she would randomly
cal on people) he'd look over my arm at what i was doing
(at first he was trying to be sneaky), then he outright
asked me whta i was doing, very inquisitively as if i was
offending him or something.
it sorta went like this :
"what ARE YOU doing?"
"the problem"
..................... how? how am i doing it? like with
a pencil how or formula how? anyways i showed him the
equatoin then he let out the oh so familiar
"oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" as if the joke was on me and that
he had known the answer all along. i hate that
oooooohhhhhhh, it's so ridiculous it's like trying to save
face while taking it in the ass, it just doesn't work.
so about 20 mins into the hour 15 minute class, i noticed
some excessively heavy wheezing, and a rank odor. i look
to my left and the fat guy looks like the marshmallow man
would if he were in 100 degree weather. i mean jesus the
dude is perspiring and it's 40 degress out! granted the
room was rather warm, but jesus, he was pouring it like
niagra falls. and for some odd reason he had to breath
through his mouth.
then in front of me was the weirdest damn thing. there was
this girl that was burnt to a crisp (tanning bed burnt)
that disgusting orange hue. but parts of her where black
as jesse jackson. i've noticed that that is the trend of
a certain sorority who coincidentally seem to nest in
their business major to keep from getting kicked out. do
they really think that they'll get their diploma before
melanoma gets them?