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2003-01-30 01:34:15 (UTC)


Not sure if the title is spelt right and this has nothing
to do with me really but I feel the need to comment!
So Susan the apparent MSN conversation below.
First she stated:
School Master says:
your cute u don't need money to go out

Then later,
School Master says:
now what was the email about

...and all the children arrreee insaneee! says:
certain emotional events in my life

School Master says:
such as

...and all the children arrreee insaneee! says:
certain emotions surrounding certain people

School Master says:
u should probably just tell me

LIke WHOA!!! She was so toying with Anna...that was
fucking fantastic! But yeah now Anna's like "no, I'm
waiting for her to MSN me first..." like ok...sit back and
do nothing...I'm going CRAZY here!!
Not like I should talk though, my whole plan is to sitback
and wait, enjoy the ride...cuz I truly think the journy is
as incredible as the destination itself...or should I say
herself! But yeah, I wish in a way that she could
know...but at the same time...I'm too chicken shit and
because I'm sick, yet again, and haven't seen her...she is
distant from me. To the point where I could see myself
telling her...but I know when I see her tomorrow and she
looks all hot and shit, I'll be back to sitting and
But at least my doom is no longer here. Which is a
blessing and a curse. In some ways, I wanted it to happen
but mostly I didn't. I mean, after Texas might change
things a bit but if she knew and doesn't reciprocate
feelings (which I'm pretty much betting on here), then
that trip will be screwed. So I bide my time, waiting for
morsels that are dropped by her or by others to keep me day...

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