freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-09-17 21:17:49 (UTC)

monday again?

well well well. its monday. not that i even go to school
on monday...but mondays just suck. i woke up at 12 since i
was up all night with lisa. of course i was talking to
joan and she was on the computer. its become kinda like
our routine. well david has called me about 14 times. ive
called him maybe 5. does that seem weird to anyone? i
mean it really just drive me away. he says hes never felt
this way about anyone. why cant joan feel this way about
me? argh oh well. maybe i should move to texas. but what
if she just fucks with me when i get there? i mean she
cant make her mind up for shit. she said im the only thing
in her life that shes confused about. i guess confusion is
better than just knowing that she doesnt like me.

i havent done much today. just woke up and talked to danny
and had my dad take my jeep in. last night i go to give
this old weird guy at my work a ride home and my battery is
freaking dead. so i call AAA's roadside assistance and
they give me shit. saying my crap is expired. i was like
then why am i staring at a card that says it expires in
2003. my cousin just happened to pull up at the same time
and helped me out. i called them assholes and hung up. i
really miss that about the old phones. when you were
pissed you used to be able to slam down the phone and they
could here it on the other side. now you just push a
button...and click. its just not the same. oh well.

i have to work at 6. im hoping to get my check since we
didnt get it on friday. im tired of being poor. i need to
get an application at this restaurant tonight. my celly is
ringing right now...david. argh. im not gonna answer it.
why wont joan call me? oh well. im off to take a nap
before work.