My Little World
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2003-01-30 01:03:45 (UTC)

Im Bored

Hey All.... Things are going extremely slow tonight! man,
i wish friday would just get here already!! i miss allen
sooooo much its not even funny! well anyways....lets talk
about today! Today was interesting..... The closer i got
to the end of the day...the slower it seemed to go! Does
that ever seem to happen to you? Ok people, heres a huge
question for ya'll....have you ever had to rethink
everything thats going on in your life? Like, to
reorganize and put things into different places? Well i
have...Ya know, just thinking of where things need to go in
my life...I am starting to realize that friends that were
once really close to me are starting to mean less and less
(not lauren) and those that use to be far away are getting
closer every minute! Doesnt that make the rest of you
think? well i gatta go! i'll talk toyou later buh bye!