lillian jeanne
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2003-01-30 01:00:37 (UTC)

his little screw up...(song)


Today's a reason for living
Today's the blood from a stone
Today's the light from a candle
Helping us to find our way home
Today we carry each other
Today the past is a freak
Today is the time for forgiveness
You were never that good to me

I'm sorry I can't lie
I wasted too much time
Drowning, I've been blind
But I've opened up my eyes
Sorry I can’t lie
So I'll just say goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye

Today is tasting the honey
Today's the strike of a match
Today's the lines in the pavement
Helping us to find our way back
Today's the crosses we carry
Today's the strength that we need
Today's the hand of an angel
You were not the kind to believe
Today we carry each other
Today we do what we should
Today is the time for forgiving
Today I wish I could
-Our Lady Peace

power is to the woman who knows what she wants but
realizes the awsomeness of what she has, and can be
satisfied with that very thing. his little screw up...
ive done it again and i gotta say im sorry...i love you

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