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2001-09-17 21:04:54 (UTC)

The perils of school

Well being the lucky person I am, I have P.E. first period,
and lately it seems that during that period at inconvenient
times, somebody decides to pull the fire alarm at school.
The other day I was changing in the locker rooms and the
alarm went off, and my man/woman spawn of satan ex-P.E.
teacher started yelling at me to get outside. I proceeded
to yell back, "Well Jesus Christ, let me put a damn shirt
on!" Then I had to go outside half in my P.E. clothes and
half in my regular clothes, which made quite an interesting
fashion statement. Then again today while we were playing
mat ball (an interesting rendition of kickball), the fire
alarm went off again, and joy of all joys, it was pouring
rain outside. So I got to go stand outside in the pouring
rain in my white t-shirt until the moron principal decided
that it was a false alarm. After that the day went okay,
and I learned that graphing systems of equations is not my
favorite thing, and then came time for physics. We had to
do a lab (which always ends up being stressful) and my
incompetent lab partner got on my nerves yet once again.
Luckily he didn't mess the experiment up too badly though.
Since I have to work tonight, my teachers all gave me piles
of homework, which I'm almost finished with, and then
yippee! I get to go put up with a bunch of irritating
people who smell bad at work. Oh well, I'm going to stop
writing and go finish my homework now.

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