All in the Night
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2001-09-17 20:51:20 (UTC)


Ok this weekend was definitely strugglin'. I mean it
started off ok, but things got worse. I talked to Doug
last night, he called me. I really didn't think that just
hearing his voice would make me feel so sad. It was ok
until he started tlaking abotu Sonia...I broke down and
cried on the phone the whole time we were talking...i just
couldn't stop. the sad part is, i dont' even think he
cared. Chad was so gonna kiss me last night. I think it's
because Amber brought up the subject when they went to to
lunch at work the other day. I turned away, i dont' know
why, but i turned away. I felt so bad afterwards, but it
was just an awkward situation...i guess the whole security
guards staring at us could have been part of it. Speaking
of awkward, once things come out in the open, everything
changes. I dont know if it was just me, but i dont Andrew
was talking to me as much today, maybe it was just me
lol ...oh yeah, yes Andrew, Matthew and i were talking
about you earlier, just so you know. Nothing bad
though!!!! OMg, Cj played "god" this weekend! We're
always picking on guys that constantly play videogames, i
never really realized that Cj is probably the most addicted
to them... Anyways, you know who you are, and if you ever
try to wrtie in my online diary again, i'll kick your
ass.... btw, the entry you posted under my name earlier has
been DELETEED. So if anybody read an entry that was
written under my name that had seomthing to do with a poem
or something....i didn't write it! Well, i'm out for the

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