Life as I know it.
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2001-09-17 20:47:58 (UTC)

walking disease

So im sick.

As always when the weather changes.

I am the walking disease, at least ive been shoving that
part in "I am the walrus" Its nicer that way.

So of course im sick when i wanted to do reading today for
classes, i also had three potential dinner things to go to,
one was a date, one with with my best friend and her
roommate and the other was at another friends house for
Roshashanna. I dont know if ill make any of those, i feel
like death warmed over, but only slightly. I have soup
cooking, cause soup always makes me feel better. I also
bought like every cold helping thing at CVS spent about
$40. Im a wimp when it comes to this. And I shouldnt be
cause I always get sick. I wish I could round up everyone
in the world who pisses me off and breath on them, but im
not bitter, no not at all.

Top 10 Reasons I know im sick:

10. I actually wanna do school work
9. I really dont feel like moving out of my apartment
8. I actually think a bit before i light up my Marlboro
Red (always in the box)
7. I might be turning down free meals tonight that i dont
have to cook
6. Im thinking about going to the doctor
5. I actually bought medicine when i despise it
4. IM craving healthy food like veggies instead of the
usual slim jims and doritos
3. I got up ass early for no reason
2. i acually feel the need to write out my bills
1. Men are checking me out, for some reason i always get
checked out and/or hit on when im sick.

Life sucks.