lillian jeanne
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2003-01-30 00:30:36 (UTC)

epidemics of 3rd west

dear lillian jeanne
this is my first entry, i always wanted an ongoing diary
but my hand always gets WAY too tired to write, but i like
typing, who wouldnt. yes epidemics of 3rd west...
everyone is sick! and im just waiting for my turn. thats
not the only epidemic though - oh no it is not. roommmate
troubles, boyfriend troubles, its almost every night htat
someone is out in the hall crying...
classes are not what they should be - who pays this much
money a year to be monkey taught... i like bio. chris is
especially sick and it bothers me that im not sick too, i
want to be so i can feel like crap with her. im making her
go to the meet the greeks tonight - you wont know until
you try it. im ready to throw sam out hte window thats for
sure - ive never met a more spoiled brat in my lifetime.
i feel like a useless nothing at all, im fat, over weight
to be exact, and i just dotn feel like goign with it anymore, i
especially cant take the eyes lookin at me, and if im told one more
time that i dont look the way i think i do then... i just dont
know. ralph is getting me diet pills. that boy loves me and im
prettysure i love him - but im not sure i want to draw the
line or set my cap at him at this moment in time. sure
he's perfect and nice but there's otehr guys out there and
i just dont know. FIJI tomorrow probably - im becoming
frat furniture... i cant go there tomorrow - maybe
saturday. mom thinks im an alcoholic - which im not, i
jsut like my drinks.. :) but hten again, who doesnt. im
sure she wasnt a saint at my age, acutally i know she
wasnt a saint at my age, there's MT to prove that one.
Ralph and i are staying over at a hotel at the shore for
valentines day - hubba hubba. but no sex, i refuse. it
shoudl be nice. meeting with the greeks at 9. i think i
might want to pledge, do something different. i cant do
crew so why not sometning else. the crew girls hate me
anyway im pretty sure. oh well - such is life... that is
all for now, i will write more tomorrow i promise
sincerly, gracie

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