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2003-01-30 00:09:16 (UTC)

Help a Dying Scene....

One of the most tried and true forms of revolt is, yah, you
guessed it, Punk Rock, and unfortunately, this genre of
loud and proud, anti-establishment, damn-the-man music is
going down the tubes. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you why.
It's because one day some bigshot in the wonderful world of
corporate whorism, some CEO exclaimed to his drooling
management-type people sitting in the board meeting, "You
know what? We could make a lot of money off this rough,
angry, anti-everything music." And with that, the global
infection of Punk Rock began.

The word 'Sellout' is a household phrase these days. It
seems that no sooner does an up-and-coming band finally get
the recognition it deserves before, oh shit, it 'Makes It'.
Goddamnit, radio time, a music video in regular rotation on
Much Music/MTV, lip syncing, promos, oodles and oodles of

Kids are in it for the wrong reasons. Contrary to popular belief,
Punk is not only about dying your hair green, getting every inch
of flesh pierced, and telling your boss/parents/authority
figures to "Fuck Off". The substance part is lost admist
the endless stereotyped bullshit.

Fortunately, some bands have managed to escape the green
monster and some 'punks' know whats going on, giving a dim
flicker of hope to a Scene that once shone so brightly. But
how much longer can it go on like this? Not very long would
be my best guess. So for the sake of unsynthesized music.
Buy your shit from Independant music stores, go to good
shows, don't trade in your values for money, and most
importantly, if everything else leaves your mind right
after you're done reading but this, don't forget what Punk
Rock was, and what it has the potential to be again, one
day! Oi!!

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