Time Waster
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2003-01-30 00:03:39 (UTC)

Nothing too kooky

Ahhhh relief= finishing DOC rough draft....next up,
Physics HW!! Woohoo i get to walk around with a
spectrothingamagiger thingy looking at the
colors...oooyeah the colors- it would be much funner i'm
sure on some kind of hallucinogenic...not that i do that
sort of thing *look of guilt, eyes daring around*...okay
come on everyone who knows me knows that i'm laced up so
straight that my harness would cause me to choke to death
on the hallucinogenic before i could actually get it
down. Okay so new stuff...went back to the Co-op with
Casey...the Vegan egg rolls are yummy!!! greasy...but
yummy! even Casey liked them, which is saying alot since
his body only can tolerate carcinogenics (food dye,
artificial flavors, genetically engineered crap)and
anything with masses of white sugar or anything that has
been proven to kill you. i bought a vegan cookie- haven't
tried it yet...everything else i bought before was good
though...but we'll have to see- i've had some shitty,
sawdust vegan cookies before being that they can not have
dairy in them...I'm still sore from my gymnastics class-
the back of my neck and uppershoulder area in particular-
it was fun- we got to tumble and swing around the bars and
i made it to the top of the rope! woohoo- it was a very
important moment in my life...okay not really- but i was
excited...well anyways i'm checking out of here and in to
the gym...take care everyone and as i always say leave me
a msg, feedback, a dumb question and i'll prolly answer it
next time- ciao!

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