Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-17 20:11:44 (UTC)

Monday Monday Monday....

Yup the horror day was actually not too bad. The weekend
passed without too many events, my sister returned from
half holiday half arranging a flat down in brighton for her
b/f and friend while shes at university. She leaves October
2nd and well, its gonna be weird, it'll be nice to have the
room space and stuff, cause i always run out of places to
store stuff, and she has been like mostly moved out for the
best part of a year, but the fact she wont be visiting etc,
its just like a big realisation that she wont like be here,
and we'll prolly only see each other around 2-4 times a
year for like the rest of our lives. I mean my brother
moved out when i was 5, and that was pretty hard on me,
cause well, i was 5, it also means this aint new to me, but
like i said this is gonna be weird when she finally leaves.
I mean we go down there with her, i get a few days off
school for this ( YAY!! ) , but the fact she wont like be
coming back, and the fact shes gonna be like the whole
other side of the country. So yeah, i guess i kinda got off
my point there, but then, i always do that ^^

Anyways, badminton has started, and well, we have this
tournament thingy thats gonna start, and that sounds great,
the only problem with it is, after dinner, i have to stay
in my school uniform, and go to the leisure centre to
change into sports gear, and i can just go home in my
sports gear. So my gripe is, what exactly is the point of
wearing school uniform for the like 3 minutes i will
actually spend inside school after dinner

Other than that, life continues as normal, so no i havent
given up on the diary, i just took a weekend break