My Life Story
2001-09-17 20:01:02 (UTC)

My convo with T

The cast list for our musical "Hello Dolly" was posted
today. I'm just an extra which is what I wanted. This way
it won't be quite as much time and it will still give me a
chance to help out with costumes and everything. I felt
very bad for T today. He was really really disappointed
with his part. He just has a little one-line kind of part.
I was gonna say something to him about it when I saw him in
choir today but he didn't really seem to be in the mood to
talk. Then I saw him afterschool and we talked for awhile.
He was telling me about how shitty his part is and how he's
not even sure if he's gonna do the show anymore. He said he
has to choose between Dolly and an overnight speech trip. I
told him he definitely has to do Dolly! I really hope
that's what he chooses. If he doesn't so the show....well,
I'd be really disappointed. That's gonna be like one of the
few times I'm really gonna be able to spend time with him.
I guess I was just really looking forward to getting to see
him so often. I'll just have to wait and see what he
decides to do, though. I was so happy I got a chance to
talk to T after school. I was just walking through the hall
thinking that I really wanted to talk to him, and then
there he was. It was so nice. The conversation and
everything seemed to go really well. It really made my
day! :) Well, I'm gonna go eat dinner and get ready to go.
I have to go to float building tonight. Later.

~Daria :)