muh diary
2001-09-17 19:23:34 (UTC)


Well, Today sucked as usual.....went to school,had
English,Interior Decorating,Gym,and Biology (We only have 4
classes per day (not including lunch/homeroom-they are like
70 minutes long though) But,I do sit next to this really
cute guy in Bio,and he talked to me today LOL-turns out we
both have the same breed of dogs in RL...anyways, well my
brothers friend (He lives with us) was lifting me over the
sink while one of my brothers was turnin on the
water...needless to say I *tried* to push away from it and
it snapped off :x.....Mom didnt sound too happy when I
called her at work to tell her about it,so as of this
moment we dont have a kitchen sink. -sigh- Why does it seem
like Im always involved in shit like that? Cant wait to get
bitched at by my moms bf/my step dad (They've been together
since I was in like 3rd grade,but havent set a wedding
date)-and I hope they never do,because I have always/will
always hate him.I am always getting blamed for
everything,even if I didnt do it....whatever...i cant wait
till Im 18 and can get outta this hell hole. Guess Ill
write more later-Jessica aka Jesykah