2003-01-29 22:05:55 (UTC)


Hey, Sorry it has been so long. So much has been going on!
I have been really thinking about this fight i had with a
friend awhile ago and i kinda want to be friends again but
i don't think that my mom wants me to be friends with them
again. I don't know what to do. I have been thinking about
it alot here latley. Anyways like i said alot has been
going on. I have been going to winter guard practice and
basketball games and chillin with my friends. Tonight i am
going to church at 6:30. Oh yeah feb 14 roland ( my
church ) Is having a lock in it is going to be so fun we
have to invite a friend and we are going to play
underground church and all kinds of other games I can't
wait. Well I gotta go get ready for church.