A life of a Teen
2001-09-17 19:11:16 (UTC)


Yeasterday I went to the beach and my brother took his girl
friend with us too. Chris my other older brother took his
girl friend with us too. Also My brothers girl friends
Nikki and Jessica have a younger sister who is 12 years old
and we took her too, My oldest brother John also took a
friend from his work with us too and His names Jeff hes 18
years old. Well me and Jeff and Jessica and Chris drove in
one car and John Nikki and Dannielle Drove in another car
we acted like crazy drunk people on the way to the beach
but it was all fun and games. We got to the beach and John
and his girl friend where messin around same for my other
brother and his girl friend, And dannielle and I dont get
along shes like such a BLAH and I told her not to come
around me, Then me and Jeff where talking and we just
talked about everything out of the blue hes such a great
guy! Hes so cute too! Hes really tan and hes 5'9" Somewhat
about 180 and hes got black hair with some red tips and
brown Awsome eyes, Hes sweet, Loving, Careing, And so
honest and hes so fun to talk to, And so funny. Hes got a
great teast in music (same as mine..) And hes just a real
fun guy to be around with. I hope me and him become
something, Because on the way home he played a song and
sang it to me when we was in the car driving home, Its
Called "Girl friend" By N'sync heh. I thought it was the
most sweetest thing alive! Every guy I know uses me for
things. Cant all guys be like Jeff =)